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Yurty Thirty

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Hello Lovely Friends,

I incarnated on this plane nearly 30 Gregorian “Years” ago. This gathering isn’t about me, though, or that arbitrary number. It’s about you! It’s about bringing together the people who I’ve met along the way that make me feel most aLiVe and grateful to be in the Midwest. It’s about welcoming my favorite humans to a special weekend away from the distractions, where together, we can disconnect and reconnect +1

Eisenhower State Park is 1.5 hours away from Kansas City. It’s been my go-to getaway for a while…backing up to the Flint Hills, the site overlooks a mystical lake and the lovely prairie. We will be staying in a combination of “modern” cabins and “primitive” yurts. The activities will include (but not limited to) cooking nourishing meals, staring at bonfires, philosophizing about the cosmos, and measuring time by cups of tea.

Below is a rough itinerary for the weekend. You are welcome to come for some, most, or the ENTIRE weekend. While I’d love if everybody stayed for the whole time, I’d be most grateful just to have chance to spend some quality time together.

*The love donation covers most all of the notable consumables and lodging needs.

*Further details and packing list will be provided once we get a little closer


  • Friday (03/22/2019)

    • 2-7p :: Arrive anytime within that window
    • 8p :: Cook up somethin good
    • 10p :: Bonfire and Stargazing
  • Saturday (03/23/2019)

    • 11a // Brunch it up
    • 1p // Hike and whatnot
    • 4p // Siesta
    • 7p // Cook up somethin good 
    • 10p // Bonfire and Stargazing
  • Sunday (03/24/2019)

    • 9a // Eggs and Coffee
    • 12p // Head back to the City

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Shindig for Shelter
to Jan 13

Shindig for Shelter

Feel free to donate directly to Habitat for Humanity following the link ... here

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